Kioo and Lucy met during the drought of 1984 and immediately hit it off. They had an excellent arrangement - Lucy made sure Kioo had good food and shelter, while Kioo delivered twenty litres of milk to Lucy everyday. Lucy was taken aback by the quality and quantity of Kioo’s milk that she decided to invest in a manual cream separator and start making skimmed milk and cream for her house. The relationship between Lucy and Kioo grew stronger, as both were benefiting from each other. One day, Lucy and her husband were invited to a dinner party, and as a gift, Lucy opted to take some of Kioo’s milk and cream to the host of the party.
The host of the party was genuinely delighted with the superiority of both, that he immediately called a chef at the Hotel Intercontinental in Nairobi and set up a meeting for Lucy for the next day. The chef instantly took to the distinct quality of the cream and ordered for 20 litres of cream per day. As Kioo’s milk supply could only produce 2 litres of cream everyday, Lucy would deliver 6 litres of cream three times a week. Thus the business venture between Kioo, Lucy and the Chef begun.


Six months later, Lucy perfected the art of making yogurt and started with 10 cups designed by a friend, sending them to the Chef to try out. “This is the best yogurt I have ever tasted!” said the Chef and instantly recommended Lucy to other chefs at the Hilton, Mt. Kenya Safari Club and Serena hotels. He personalized the yogurts with the hotel logo on the packaging saying “Specially made for Hotel Intercontinental by Eldoville Farm”. In under a year, Kioo and Lucy had successfully begun a thriving business in dairy produce. Many years later, the brilliant and lively Lucy Karuga, Managing Director of Eldoville Farm, looks back at her journey with dancing eyes and excitement in her voice.
She currently has to buy large quantities of milk from other farms to produce yogurt, cream and cheese for consumers, hotels, restaurants, airlines and supermarkets. Not only has she conquered the dairy industry in Kenya, but succeeded in specializing in the production of the highest quality products for the affluent market. She thanks Kioo for being her first milk cow that started the whole project, and hopes that when consumers try out her products, they can sit back and say, “At last, someone has created perfection!”



Eldoville Farm is a small family owned enterprise located 15 km from the city center that specializes in the production of dairy products. Formally established in June 1985, the farm comprises of a zero grazing unit with a substantial herd of cows and a fodder growing area as well as areas for household vegetables and other farm produce. Having started by producing two litres of cream every day for Hotel Intercontinental , Lucy Karuga, the Managing Director of Eldoville Farm has built her operation into a formal, commercial-level dairy.
The farm currently produces about 12 flavours of yogurt, and is now launching their latest range of full fat fruity yogurts to compliment the current low fat range. They also produce two types of cream (whipping and double) and several types of cheese (Brie, Camembert, Port-Salut, Feta, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Paneer, Cream and Cottage cheese) In addition the farm has diversified into the production and processing of ready to cook vegetables, fresh fruits and juices.


Working closely with Jens Anneberg, a consultant from Denmark under the DANIDA Private Sector Development Program, Eldoville Farm has benefited from the transfer of technology in the dairy processing management. Under the program, the Eldoville Farm staff has been trained by world class cheese makers both in Karen as well as in France. Eldoville does its part for the environment by installing a waste water treatment plant that ensures proper disposal of processing wastes. The farm has won many prizes nationally and regionally in the manufacture of dairy products as well as the national presidential award in farm management and soil conservation. Amongst their awards, they won in 1998 a trophy for the 2nd best stand at the Food World Festival at Sarit Centre.
In regards to Eldoville’s cheese products, they were awarded in 2006 1st prize for the best mild cheddar cheese, camembert, brie and mozzarella. They won first position in the cheese category of ESADA’s competition (East and Central Africa Dairy Association) in 2007 and first position in the Yogurt category in the same year. Be sure to spot Eldoville products at all 5 star hotels in Nairobi, top tourist safari lodges in the country, leading hospitals, international institutions, the airline caterer NAS and all the main supermarkets in Nairobi. Eldoville farm recently established a branch in Mombasa to supply the coast tourist circuit and in addition, Eldoville Farm supplies the top hotels in Kampala, Uganda and Rwanda. So next time you are anywhere in East Africa, how about trying some of our products?



It is exceptional to see Kenyans around the world becoming more and more demanding when it comes to consumer goods. World wide trends are landing in our country, keeping us striving for greatness and insisting on better standards everyday. The constantly evolving world market does not accommodate people resting on their laurels and successfully producing the same product year after year. We are seeing more companies enter the market, more products consumed on a daily basis, more flavours and brands being introduced to appeal to more consumers. Evolution and progress is what consumers want.
Eldoville Farm has transformed the yogurt making process into a science, creating a world class award winning product that can forever shine from the shelves as well. Informed by consumer research, competitive research and international research, we have produced a new range and new packaging that epitomises the healthy, tasty wonderful product inside it. Our brand is ideal for everyone and is intended to appeal to our modern thinking, quality conscious, new age Kenyans. Our new brand is bright, lively and fun. It has presence, class and screams quality.


The launch of our new brand happens simultaneously with the launch of a new range of full flavour and full fat yogurt, a delicious indulgence that is still healthy with no additives or chemicals. Our existing Simply Fruity range is a perfect blend of smooth, low fat yogurt richly packed with a fine selection of fruit while our Simply Smooth range is delightfully silky, easy to drink with a sumptuous amount of flavour. Our latest range, the Rich n' Creamy selection is thick, filling and packed with fruity chunks.
These selections have been inspired by some of the most successful brands and products in Europe and USA, and have been created with our usual passion for excellence, lead by Danish experts who have been making dairy products for the world for over 40 years. Initial consumer research has been overwhelming to both the product and the new look brand. But don’t take our word for it. Why not try it for yourselves? You won't miss it on the shelves!