Believably Good Dairy, Yoghurt, Fruit and Vegetable Products

Since 1985, we have been growing and processing fresh produce!
These include Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables. We are situated in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. That’s about 15 km from Nairobi, city centre.

We are incredibly passionate about our products and our people. As a pioneer of fresh produce, prepared for direct consumption or that requires minimum preparation, you can be sure that quality is something that we take very seriously. This is evidenced in our commitment to HACCP certification in 2007 and our upgrade to ISO 22000 certification in 2011.

Starting with a dream and just one cow, we have now grown in size and staff. We continue to grow with a number of people we have learned to call family. We value our people and always aim to ensure that we all share the same vision for the business.

As we share our journey with you on this website, we welcome and look forward to interacting with you and learning from you as well.
You are most welcome!



The exclusive Eldoville Cheese range is modestly priced to offer the best of quality and value. The unsurpassed quality of Eldoville Cheese has made it a market leader that already enjoys the greatest tribute of all – the satisfied palate of the great cheese connoisseurs. Eldoville Cheeses are made from fresh pasteurized cow milk. Our process uses a fine blend of age-old traditions handed down by master cheese-makers over generations and state of the art technology, to produce world-class cheeses for the most discerning of palates.


Well, at Eldoville we’re mad about fruits – all fruits; from the more familiar to the truly exotic and we’re genuinely enthusiastic about promoting fresh produce consumption, essential as it is to a healthy, balanced diet.The range of fruits bearing the TOP brand extends from the more familiar to the truly exotic. It includes deciduous fruits like apples, pears and grapes as well as citrus fruits, tropical fruits- such as pineapples and melons, and a comprehensive selection of TOP branded exotic fruits including mangoes, strawberries, papayas and avocados. A similarly diverse selection of salads and vegetables complements TOP branded organic produce to complete an extensive TOP range.


The yoghurt ranges are exceptionally rich in flavour and naturally crafted to suit any palate. They are extremely healthy having no additives or chemicals making them ideal for everyone.



Our vegetables are naturally grown and packed with nutrients, making any dish healthy and nourishingly delicious. They are hygienically prepared and packaged into a friendly, ready-to-eat state according to your wants and needs.A diverse selection of vegetables that complements TOP branded organic produce to complete an extensive TOP range.We proudly supply the best selection of fresh vegetables which are believably good.