Our Story


Eldoville Dairies is a small family owned enterprise located 15 km from the city centre that specializes in the production of dairy products. Formally established in June 1985, the farm grows organic vegetables in open field and greenhouses. Having started by producing two litres of cream every day for Hotel Intercontinental, Lucy Karuga, the Managing Director of Eldoville Farm has built her operation into a formal, commercial-level dairy.


Working closely with consultants from Denmark under the DANIDA Private Sector Development Program, Eldoville Dairies has benefited from the transfer of technology in the dairy processing management. Under the program, Eldoville Dairies staff have been trained by world-class cheesemakers both in Kenya as well as in France. Eldoville utilises a wastewater treatment plant that ensures proper disposal of processing wastes. The Farm has won many prizes nationally and regionally in the manufacture of dairy products as well as the National Presidential Award in Farm management and soil conservation.

Be sure to spot Eldoville products at all 5-star hotels in Nairobi, top tourist safari lodges in the country, leading hospitals, international institutions, airline caterers and all the main supermarkets in Nairobi. Eldoville Dairies recently established a branch in Mombasa to supply the coast tourist circuit and in addition, Eldoville Dairies supplies the top hotels in Kampala, Uganda and Rwanda.


The farm currently produces about 12 flavours of yoghurt and has established a range of full-fat fruity yoghurts to compliment the current low-fat range. High-quality whipping, single and double cream is available as well as several types of cheese (Brie, Camembert, Feta, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Paneer and cream cheese. In addition, the farm has diversified into the production and processing of ready to cook vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. Eldoville also produces single portion butter, jam, marmalade, honey and cheese.


So next time you are anywhere in East Africa, how about trying some of our products?

You will be pleasantly surprised!